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Cultura Supports Perennial's Back To School Scheme

05 Aug 20

The Cultura Group was delighted to be able to make a donation to assist Perennial with their Back to School Support Scheme.

The Scheme, which was originally launched in 2019, provides help to families working in horticulture who are struggling with the costs associated with sending their children back to school, for example uniform, PE Kit, term-time food and transport costs.

Perennial is the only UK charity for people in horticulture.

With the latest government figures showing that 30% of all children in the UK live in relative poverty, the need to support the country's most vulnerable families has never been greater.  

To add to this already critical situation, a report by The Children’s Society, states that the income of low earners is being affected the most by the Covid-19 pandemic, which, along with school closures, is having a devastating effect on children living in poverty.

Julia Hayne, Director of Services at Perennial says:

“The cost of raising a family is rising but we’re not seeing wages increase and the situation has been made worse by the coronavirus crisis. We know many families are frustrated that, despite being in work and budgeting carefully, they are still struggling to meet the growing demands on their finances. We’re here to alleviate some of the pressure, taking the stress out of going back to school and helping families find financial solutions that will help them in the longer term.”

“We help families every day, often facing difficult challenges, providing a safety net for people working in, or retired from any branch of horticulture, who are not able to find support elsewhere. As your charity, we’re here to give you the help and support you need.” 

To find out more about Perennial's Back to School support and apply for help, visit and complete the online form.

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